McCann Fund Fraud

Overwhelming evidence shows that Madeleine McCann died in or near apartment 5A at the Ocean Club Resort in Praia da Luz in Portugal. Madeleine met her demise sometime between May 1 and May 3. Read the evidence in this website. The Fund they set up to look for Madeleine is fraudulent if any person involved in the case knew Madeleine was dead at the time it was set up. If you made a donation to the Madeleine Fund and are not happy with how your donation has been spent, please contact the site so we can form a group who can litigate against Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited.

Fund pays for luxury hotel

by Sónia Trigueirão

Madeleine’s father and the English lawyer who accompanied him on the visit to Portugal, on Tuesday, were lodged at the D. Pedro Palace, a five-star hotel and one of the most luxurious ones in Lisbon. Everything, of course, financed by the ‘Find Madeleine’ Fund.

As far as CM was able to establish, one night at the D. Pedro, in a single room, may cost between 214 and 254 euros. This means that Gerry and the lawyer spent, at least, more than 400 euros for one night.

According to Clarence Mitchell, Madeleine’s parents’ spokesman, Gerry stayed in a single room and the hotel was chosen not for being five-star, but merely because it is located close to lawyer Rogério Alves’ office and because it is discrete. ‘We didn’t want to transform Gerry’s visit into a media show’.

Concerning the fact that the Fund payed for this, Clarence merely recalled the purpose for which it was created ‘This type of travel obviously fits into the search for Madeleine which is the Fund’s purpose. That was what it was created for and Madeleine’s parents will never use it for anything else apart from that’, he stated.

Beyond that, Mitchell guarantees that the fund to search for the child still has money: ‘We have 800 thousand pounds which are 880.170,36 euros. We don’t have money problems. People continue to help us’. The Fund, which was created in 2007, shortly after Madeleine disappeared from the resort at Praia da Luz, had two million euros at some point in time.

13 comments to Fund pays for luxury hotel

  1. Beattie
    January 28th, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    It”s about time this fraud was exposed, the “Accounts” to 31st March 08 and anyone reading
    them who has donated to the Fund will be horrified at the expenses and lack of detail which
    John McCann said would be transparent. I think the U.K.Fraud Squads should investigate
    on behalf of the millions of ordinary people like myself who made a small donation.

  2. Maggie
    January 29th, 2009 at 2:36 am

    I thought they had ‘friends’ in Portugal?
    Has been mentioned before their friends continuing to have prayer vigils.
    Now the obvious most discreet and cheap way to stay would be with friends?
    Or use a travel lodge/motel…never been to Portugal but I would think they have something along these lines. What happened to good ole B&B or self catering or pitch a tent!
    I am glad I never donated but truly feel for people like Beattie who did…it’s all a circus!

  3. Jo
    January 29th, 2009 at 2:45 am

    Was is a just coincidence that this hotel was close to a couple of the worlds finest golf courses? And the hotel gave special reduced rates to it’s guests.

  4. Simon
    September 26th, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    I don’t know the details of all their expenses, but what kind of hotel would you expect them to stay at?

    These are two professional people who would presumably have stayed in a similar hotel if they were paying for it themselves. Considering their additional (and obvious) need for discretion a high quality hotel was the only choice.

    I’ve donated money to Find Madeleine fund and I’m not even slightly worried that it is being spent this way. The idea that they could just stay in a B&B is very naive and the idea of “pitching a tent” is ludicrous.

    Reply: You presume wrong. If they would normally stay in this type of accommodation why then did they go on holiday in a place where they had to push two single beds together to make a double and where the inside of the apartment at Ocean Club looked more like a dormitory? Apartment 5A was far from being a 5 star hotel.

    In any charitable like organisation there are guidelines about expenditure on things like hotels etc. They allege that they use the Guide to Good Governance which is a manual on how to run a charity but they clearly don’t adhere to those policies. In short, they have lied constantly about where the money will be spent.

    You don’t get it do you? The point is that they are not doing what they said they were going to do when they set up the company and asked people to donate. It doesn’t matter what you think about it – people WERE duped. David Hughes and Clarence Mitchell are both recorded as saying that no money would be spent on legal fees. This is an outright lie. There was a six figure sum in the accounts for lawyers.

    This is why people are angry about the fund.

  5. Simon
    September 27th, 2009 at 2:38 am

    You’re right, I don’t get it.

    I occasionally stay in hotels on business and they hardly ever cost much less than £100 per night for a nice but fairly ordinary hotel. This is a doctor and a lawyer, one of who is an extremely famous (or notorious if you like) person who is likely to be hounded by the press or members of the public.

    Celebrities simply can’t stay in cheap hotels.

    I’m open minded about what the McCanns have or haven’t done, although I don’t think they harmed Madeleine, but some of the stuff I have read about them is such obvious nonsense.

    This video ( is a great example. Anyone who believes that this constitutes “absolute proof” that Madeleine is dead as stated in the video is either feeble minded or malicious.

    I’m open minded and interested: convince me of their guilt and or corruption !

    On the subject of their legal fees. Plans change. Personally, I’ve twice donated money to the Find Madeleine fund and whilst £100,000 seems like a lot of money for legal fees, solicitors are expensive and I suspect their legal situation has become quite complex. (A divource could cost £50,000 without too much difficulty).

    I don’t care if the McCanns give up work and the fund pays their mortgage. That’s why I’m donating, so that they don’t have to worry about money and can concentrate their efforts on Finding Madeleine. I wouldn’t even mind if they were to use some of the money to go on holiday – everybody needs one.

    I’ve given them money to do with as they see fit to help them find Madeleine. If you have any actual evidence of them miss-using the fund, I would be interested to see it.

    Reply: Simon, we appreciate your sensible discussion on the subject. Most people who are “pro-McCann” will fly off into nonsensical rages in trying to get their point across and this is why 90% of their comments are never approved.

    The points you make all apply to you. You are happy with how they are spending the money so there really is no issue as far as you are concerned. Our problem is that many donors and other people are outraged that they keep telling lies. As was stated before, David Hughes did a press conference to specifically tell donors that the money would NOT go on legal fees. Mitchell backed this up with a similar story in an interview in New Zealand on the radio there.

    So it doesn’t really matter that they spent a quarter of a million pounds or even one pound. The point is they lied about spending the money on legal fees. You are right also that plans change but if they were using the Guide to Good Governance properly they would know that keeping donors informed is one of the fundamental tenets of running a charitable organisation. They should have told prospective donors that “ok guys, from now on we will be spending money on lawyers.” When the news came out that they had paid two mortgage payments from the fund, people were outraged and then they announced it wouldn’t happen again. Clearly the news about their mortgage was a leaked story that did them no good whatsoever. And incidentally, where do those mortgage payments show on the company accounts? See – this is why they are under suspicion. They are simply not open to scrutiny because they hide things deliberately.

    The video you mention may not in a court of law constitute absolute proof that Madeleine is dead. However, Clarence Mitchell does quite clearly state that Kate and Gerry are not responsible for Madeleine’s death. As the man had qualified this comment, it was no slip of the tongue.

    There is an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence here and most criminal cases are tried on that basis. Kate’s refusal to answer 48 key questions would be something a jury would consider in the overall verdict. So yes, people are innocent until proven guilty but that is a concept in the eyes of the law. The reality is that every single minute of every day, a crime is committed and so you have “guilty” people walking around freely until they are apprehended.

  6. Matthew
    October 11th, 2009 at 2:58 pm


    Watch this video through. Pay particular attention to the specialist police dogs (these dogs solved 200 murders – you will probably not have seen this footage).

    Also note the comments of the dog handlers, the man who saw someone carrying a child to the beach and then made another report when he saw the Mcanns getting off the plane.

    And the testimony of the McCanns neighbour in the Villa in portugal that their rental car was left with the boot open night and day. This is the boot that the sniffer dogs found genetic evidence strongly indicating the presence of blood which was found to be a close match to Madeline’s, despite very little being present. The dogs insicated the presence of a corpse having been both in the holiday appartment and the car rented 23 days later.

    I doubt you will donate again. It looks like the McCanns daughter suffered either a tragic accident or worse and the whole damn thing is a cover up. The investigation was closed early due to UK political pressure.


  7. Matthew
    October 11th, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    I forgot the link here it is:

    Watch the video on that page by the investigator. You won’t be so sure.

  8. Beyond Belief
    March 8th, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    Anyone else feeling queasy at the metronomic THANK YOU on one of their Lets All Find Madeleine websites? This girl isnt lost. The family know exactly where she is.

  9. Trackhounds
    March 26th, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Pure spin
    Like getting shot twice in each foot must have been the McCanns’ degree of “delight” on learning that the British Police team that is going to review Madeleine’s case is the same team that solved Shannon M’s faked abduction case.

  10. Roy Exeter
    June 5th, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    if the fund is meant for legal fees etc, and helping to find madeliene, then why use it to pay for their stays in expensive hotels?.

    they seem to be living like lords, at maddies expense.

    is it me, or does something stink here?.

    surely, cheaper ones, ie bed and breakfast etc, would suffice!,and they would have more money to spend on the more important things.

    take care
    Roy Exeter

  11. Super Sleuth
    June 18th, 2011 at 6:51 am

    Hi Roy Exeter

    Would you agree that the fund was set up to find Madeleine McCann after her abduction from PDL in 2007.

    What would you say if I have evidence that she may not have gone to PDL in 2007.

    That then would constitute a fraud wouldnt it, so if the McCann fund directors are arrested and say found guilty, would that not be evidence for the Portugese police to re open the case.

  12. susie
    February 5th, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    These Mcscammers Are getting away with murder literally. Why in gods name haven’t they been prosecuted for neglect and abandonment. I know for a fact if it was anyone else who left 3 babys alone at night in a foreign country they would be in deep shit right now. And how nauseated i feel at them using the money to find their daughter used to paying for 5 star accommodation. Sick people why don’t they right a book how to get rich of your children’s back.

  13. Jay-Bangkok
    January 6th, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    Anyone who believes that this constitutes “absolute proof” that Madeleine is dead as stated in the video is either feeble minded or malicious. – ‘

    Mmmm-I don’t think anyone claims to have ‘actual proof’ as yot put it but evidence points that way. On the other hand, anyone who thinks they were abducted is a naive fool as there is not a shred of evidence to this way. Congratulations on being duped by this pair and the media nonsense you are ironically funding 🙂


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