McCann Fund Fraud

Overwhelming evidence shows that Madeleine McCann died in or near apartment 5A at the Ocean Club Resort in Praia da Luz in Portugal. Madeleine met her demise sometime between May 1 and May 3. Read the evidence in this website. The Fund they set up to look for Madeleine is fraudulent if any person involved in the case knew Madeleine was dead at the time it was set up. If you made a donation to the Madeleine Fund and are not happy with how your donation has been spent, please contact the site so we can form a group who can litigate against Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited.

The McCanns DID NOT search for their daughter


1 comment to The McCanns DID NOT search for their daughter

  1. rene
    September 19th, 2016 at 3:31 am

    I think poor maddy woke up. She saw her parents was not there.She thought that they were on the patio. She slipped when she went to see IF they left through the small gate. Yes I believe her father caught the whole lot on the watch he had. Did Kate not remark that he AS REALLY BEEN AWAY FOR A LONG TIME????
    another thing.
    Surely they would have known how to reserve a tiny body or a while. Could it not have been that he hid it in the fridge he bought??? Why did the twins sleep through the whole story??? No more are mentioned about them during the search. No I don’t think they really killed her, but she was certainly hidden from anyone to see.

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